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Baby pram 3in1 Verino

Baby pram 3in1 Verino - description

The 3in1 set includes:

  • prame frame - steel frame with lockable swivel wheels
  • carrycot - fitted with a canopy and foot cover
  • sport seat - with barrier
  • car seat
  • a capacious, zipped bag  and a large basket
  • mosquito net
  • rain cover


  • It has an adjustable backrest. It is especially useful when the baby is not yet sitting up, but would like to see mum and the world around. It also helps with babies who have spitting. 
  • It comes with a fitted foot cover and rain cover - so you don't have to worry about wet weather
  • elastic mattress and soft padding of the carrycot
  • ventilation in the carrycot compartment provides fresh air to prevent the baby from over-heating 
  • ergonomic handle covered with eco-leather – makes it easy to carry the carrycot

Sport seat Verino

  • fitted, detachable foot cover – protects your child from capricious weather
  • adjustable canopy that can be detached
  • detachable barrier covered with eco-leather
  • You can mount the carrycot and sport seat backwards or forwards. Your baby can sit facing you (so you can talk to them and keep eye on them) or seat backwards to you and look at their surroundings from the front (as they get older and more interested in the world around them).
  • backrest adjustment – up to a flat position, the healthiest position for your baby while sleep
  • convenient adjustable footrest
  • five-point adjustable seat belts

Pram frame

  • steel frame - durable 
  • swivel wheels
  • adjustable height of the handle covered with eco-leather
  • cushioned rear suspension – provides comfort during every walk
  • compact size when folded 
  • simple system for attaching and detaching the carrycot, sport seat and car seat
  • equipped with a central brake for stability 


To choose the type of car seat select the appropriate option about the ADD TO CARD buton at the top of the page.


  • Seat weight: 3 kg  
  • Suitable for children from 0 to 10 kg (group 0)
  • The Carlo car seat includes an infant insert that adapts to the child. This protects against head drooping and dangerous injuries.  
  • Adjustable three-point seat belts with protector and adjustable handle
  • Detachable canopy, foot cover
  • Assembly method: for belt or you can order the Carlo compatible with Isofix (Isofix base you can order here) 
  • more about Carlo -> click


  • Seat weight: 3,5 kg  
  • Suitable for children from 0 to 13 kg (group 0)
  • The advanced side protection system in the car seat greatly absorb the force of a potential impact.
  • The Kent car seat includes two insert: an infant insert that adapts to the child, thus protecting against head drooping and one that covers the entire seat.
  • Adjustable three-point seat belts with protector and adjustable handle
  • Assembly method: for belt or to Isofix base (Isofix base you can order here) 
  • more about Kent -> click


  • Safety is confirmed:
  • Seat weight: 2,5 kg – the lightest car seat on the market
  • Suitable for children from 0 to 13 kg (group 0). It complies with the latest safety standards in Europe: i-Sized and ECE-R129
  • Tough, environmentally friendly EPP EFPRO material and an insert that absorbs Energy in the event of a possible traffic incident.
  • The Pixel car seat includes modular insert that ensures correct positioning of the child and stabilizes it.
  • Protectors on the belt protect against chafing and provide even better stabilization.   
  • Assembly method: for belt or to Isofix IQ base (Isofix IQ base you can order here)
  • Instructions -> click , Compatible car list  -> click

*The color of the car seat depends on the chosen color of the set – the colors are shown in the picture.

*The 3in1 pram set includes adapters that allow you to attach the car seat of the frame.