Sáně Flo + spacák

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Children's sledges FLO - the set includes

  • children’s sledges with plastic seat,
  • backrest that can be removed,
  • straps for pulling the sled,
  • sleeping bag with soft padding,
  • safety belt for the child,
  • set of assembly screws – sledges can easily be folded and unfolded.

The FLO is supplied with a soft sleeping bag with warm padding. Thanks to the practical zippers on both sides, you can easily take your child out of the sleeping bag or detach its upper part and use it as a soft mattress to protect against the cold.

In addition, the sleeping bag is made of fabric, which is characterised by high resistance to water. Thanks to this your child can enjoy its walks in all weather conditions and the sleeping bag protects it from frost and wind.

The sleeping bag has straps with velcro, which make it possible to attach it to the seat and a headrest, which is attached to the back of the sledge. This prevents the sleeping bag from sliding and the additional straps increases your child's safety.

The FLO can be freely modified to suit you and your child. You have the option of fitting or removing the sleeping bag and backrest.

Dimensions of the sled:

  • Width of the skids: 36 cm
  • Width of seat: 20 cm
  • Length of seat: 85 cm
  • Pusher height: 65 cm